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The Handmade MFA Project

As an emerging artist who launched my work later in life, I am always seeking ways to learn and grow. Unfortunately, due to education costs coupled with the chaos of teaching full time and raising children, a Masters in Fine Arts is not possible. 


Never one to give up, I have constructed a project to mimic a fine art academic learning experience. This self-determined structure will help me explore and critique my art work, as well as grow as an artist. I will use the plentiful resources in Washington DC, as well as feedback from artists and colleagues from various art communities and disciplines.

Handmade  MFA Project Requirements

 A 3-Year Program, with four courses each year. Additionally, the program requires completion of ongoing studies once a  year.

Annual Courses

1. Crit Group: Autumn- participate in one organized group & informal crits with colleagues.

2. Independent Study: Winter- including a theme, syllabus, and project.

3. In-Person Course:  Summer- Torpedo Factory or Arlington Arts Center course.

4. Residency: Spring/Summer- apply to residency programs or self-directed residencies.

Ongoing Community Studies

*Gallery studies in situ

*Attend artist lectures

*Invite artists for studio visit critiques

*Attend workshops with artists

*Online courses for instruction on techniques or materials

*Attend open studios

*Participate in group and solo shows 

Materials (click for Hyperlinks)

Mentoring Artists

Harumi Abe          Courtney Alan      Joy Poe               Nancy Joyce Hillard

Barb Mowery        Allen Jackson       Sarah Fernsler JohntsoN

Lucinda LeAch     Deborah Zickler      Jennifer Wilkin Pennick


Have ideas or want to learn more?

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